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  1. I'm getting an error message when trying to add a purchase invoice. Is there a list available of these messages and what they mean? I don't mean the response codes (201 etc), I mean the actual specific messages that are returned if an api call is rejected. The message I'm getting is "Saving Purchase Invoice failed: value of contact was not allowed". Cheers Reg
  2. Your client will have to authorise it for themselves sylvain, i.e. by logging into Sage under their own email address...
  3. Hi, I haven't explored the language aspects yet, so that sounds fun! Yes, I think the cookies aspect is a big weakness. It only applies to the initial authorisation request, i.e. the granting of the first, temporary token, but nevertheless. For my own safety I've put in a bit of code so that if there's ever a mismatch between the business id I store and the one that's returned on an API call I issue an error and abort... Cheers Reg
  4. Hi Sylvain, Sure, if you go to Settings and then against the Customise sections there's a User Management option. Click that and on the next screen there's an invite button. Once you've responded to the invite, log into your customer's account and stay logged in while you run your application - when your client authorisation code runs you should be linked correctly and receive back the tokens you need to store. If you're going to use the business id value in subsequent headers then you need to retrieve it via the api. I found the easiest way to do this was to use Postman, paste
  5. Hi, Does the API expose a country's membership status with regard to the EU? I can't see that it does but I'd like to know for sure. Cheers Reg
  6. Hi Ben, I think it's 100% certain that someone somewhere will, if they already haven't, find they are connecting to "the wrong subscription" as a result of this. Developers like me are exposed for example because I will ask every SageOne user that wants to use TradaBase to invite me as a user of their system. To do this I give them a unique email address I set up. Post-brexit I've also found that several businesses are setting up new businesses somewhere in the EU, and although these might sometimes be under the same subscription (is this possible if someone needs a different country vers
  7. Hi Ben, Yes, initially posted to the wrong place, apologies... So I've just done some more testing. I've currently got two trial subscriptions set up: 1. SolutionJ Limited, set up with email address [email protected] 2. Aardvark Aardvarks Limited, set up with email address [email protected] So nothing connects these two as far as your platform is concerned. From a single computer, I have connected to both subscriptions via the same application, which is called TradaBase, storing the resulting Access and Refresh tokens separately for each subscription.
  8. Hi. Are these not exposed through the API? I would like to be able to extract only Suppliers linked to a certain group. Cheers Reg
  9. I want to add more information to this post. I've just set up a second trial subscription to SageOne to test my connection concerns. So I have two subscriptions to SageOne using different email addresses. My application is already connected to subscription A. It appears to me that in order to connect correctly to subscription B, I must at the time be logged into subscription B, otherwise the authorization endpoint will instead incorrectly connect me to subscription A. Furthermore, in the situation where I am already connected to subscriptions A and B, if I log into subscription B and
  10. Good Afternoon, I'm trying to test an app that will need to connect to several different customer accounts (with some customers in turn having multiple businesses within one account). I did have it working fine, but I wanted to test what would happen in the event of a Refresh Token expiring after 31 days. I currently have two customer accounts set up, let's call them A and B. Both have only one business in them. I manually set the expiry date of the Refresh Token for A back over 31 days to simulate expiration. From that point on whenever my app calls either A or B only A can be
  11. So following this up, I logged into my own trial SageOne account and removed my App's connection. When I next ran my App I was prompted to log into SageOne and authorize the connection. I then ran my App pointing to the customer's SageOne account, requiring new tokens, and they came back ok pointed to the correct account. What's really worrying is that when a Refresh Token expires re-authorization will go wrong and effectively my application may stop working for several customers.
  12. I have an application which will be used by several customers to link to SageOne. Some of these customers will in turn have more than one business in their SageOne account. Currently I have a trial business of my own set up, and I've now linked my application to a customer's real company as well - for read only purposes just now. In testing my application I've come across a problem that occurs when a Refresh Token expires after 31 days (unlikely but certainly possible). My application has code in it to recognise this and trigger the initial authentication again, however when I run it
  13. Ok, I've found that this feature is actually there thanks 😃
  14. It would be great if there was a way of categorizing or grouping suppliers, akin perhaps to the Analysis 1/2/3 fields on Sage 50c. Cheers Reg
  15. Hi, is there an API endpoint through which I could return an organisation's default currency? Cheers Reg
  16. Very heavy going though :). My trial is running short, is there any scope to extend it by another 30 days?
  17. Reginald Jackson


    Hi, I'm using the contacts API to populate customer records in a desktop system (used up to now with Sage 50c). There seems to be item in the SageOne UI or the API for the default sales tax code that has always been there in Sage50c. Is this right, that in Sage 50c you cannot set a default sales tax code? Cheers Reg
  18. Hi. I thought I'd probably not set up class definitions up correctly, so I used Postman to give me a sample output of all contacts, then found a great website (Convert JSON to C# Classes Online - Json2CSharp Toolkit) that takes a pasted json message and generates the required class structure., and this solved it. Thanks for responding. Reg
  19. Hi, I'm trying to retrieve a list of customer contacts and, for each one, perform some crud processes on another system; this is using c#. I used the api response sample for Get all contacts to copy the resulting json string and used the paste special .. paste as json classes feature of Visual Studio, however when I run my code the Deserialization function doesn't return any data, although the raw json string has returned exactly what I expected. I'm thinking the classes have not been generated correctly for some reason. Here's the first bit of the classes that get generated. { pub
  20. Hi, I solved this by changing the content type to Json and specifying the parameters that way...
  21. Hi, I'm just exploring this API and I agree. In Sage 50c every table had a unique id that could be used, customer code, sales invoice number etc, so it is confusing why they've gone down this path, particularly in requiring yo uto somehow know this new id field in order to do a search...
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