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  1. Hi, I am new to Sage integration having come to it from the other side - we're looking to integrate with Dynamics 365 Sales. My client uses desktop software and believes that - quote - although it says cloud it's not really. This is, apparently, what she was told by a previous consultant. I'm not a Sage expert (understatement of the decade) so I'm wondering if she's right. I've followed the Postman quick set up instructions but not had any luck with the client entering logon details at the Sage Cloud windows, though she seems uncertain about which credentials to use since everything
  2. Hello all. As you can hopefully see, I'm Nick Ellis. I'm a process and transformation consultant with a background in application management, specialising in SME business improvement. I find myself here as I am running a Dynamics integration project and need to align the account and contact records. Any pointers gratefully received! Thanks Nick
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