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  1. Hi Alex, Thank you for the valuable comment! I tried to pass the body with client connection details (client_id, client_secret, username, password, grant_type) in CDATA variable but it is not working. Not sure but I think that I need to create an external connector out of Sage X3 which could authenticate external REST web services with oAuth2. Warm Regards, Chitransh
  2. Hello All, I am new to Sage X3 REST web services. I need to call external REST API of SAP CONCUR application using oAuth2 authentication method. Is there any help guide on how I can achieve this. I am trying to read the data from SAP Concur system using REST API. I tried to create a REST call from Sage X3 but there is no option on how i can set oAuth authentication. Attached is the screenshot. Any sort of help is highly appreciable. Thanks and Regards.
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