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  1. Hi Ting Lei - I was refereeing to the Sage UK Marketplace (we hope to be working on our draft listing for our sage 200 certified application next week).
  2. We now have access to the "UK marketplace" for our Sage 200 certified application. We hope to start adding the content to the listing next week.
  3. Thanks. The timeline for the next release of Sage 200c Professional has now been discussed with the Sage 200c BP's. So, hopefully we will be able to get a BETA version later this year to see the impact on Sage 200 development. The roadmap does include a list of the new 'web forms' which have been agreed for the Sage 200c professional 2021 R1 release.
  4. We have a testing assessment call with Inspired Testing next week so things are progressing
  5. I've now registered for the testing of one of our Sage 200 add-on (for 200c professional). Below is the link you will need to follow to apply for testing, after this the third party will reach out to arrange a scoping call where we then get the estimate for number of days. After that you and I agree on the cost being invoiced and then testing begins. https://www.inspiredtesting.com/sage
  6. I've had a call with the Sage ISV Network, and I will review the new process for marketing one of our Sage 200 add-on's via the UK Marketplace. I've taken a look a the process for a Sage 200 end user to set-up a Market place account (not too time consuming, but not quick). I'll also await to hear back if the 'lead' from a Sage 200 UK marketplace ISV application (app) enquiry is passed to the Sage 200 BP of that user (in addition to the ISV). The Sage UK additions site has many Sage 200 'additions' from the various Silver, Gold and Platinum developers (and developers with a certified product). This site has limited search features (just filtering by a couple of filters). The UK Marketplace search and info is a massive improvement. We provide several sage 200 add-ons (not just one product) so additions has never been an option for Marketing our Sage 200 solutions (as we would have to certify each add-on). Hopefully as the UK Marketplace evolves, this will be of benefit to more Sage 200 developers and ISV's.
  7. It's good to see the Sage UK Marketplace on the Sage 200 desktop tiles. The sage 200 roadmap is also shown as one of the tiles on the sage 200 desktop (nothing on the roadmap - it stops at March 2021).
  8. I'd like to learn a little more about the Sage Business Cloud Marketplace for UK Sage 200 ISV's. I attended the recent Sage Dev Stream virtual event and would be interested in publishing details of Sage 200 add-on solutions on the site.
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