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  1. I'm interested to know if / how / when traditional Cost Centers and Departments will be available on Sage Business Cloud v3.1 API. For clients moving from Sage 50 this will be second nature and these layers beyond base nominal codes will be a blocker. It appears these can be configured in the SBC app but it's not even clear how they are used as do not appear to be referenced elsewhere in the application or API documentation. Any one able to comment around this / share details?
  2. I'd like to lend weight to this requirement. Many users of our application use Sage 50 where Departments and Cost Centers are heavily entrenched and will be expected as a critical element to transaction postings . Currently I understand the above to mean that as things stand these attributes can't be sent with sales invoices for example (this does answer some of my confusion over where these elements are on the invoice API endpoint)? Could you clarify the current expectation for businesses integrating with Sage Business Cloud, where Dept & CC are managed / maintained and used on both s
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