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  1. Hi Sirbastian, thank you for your question. I'm presuming that you are trying to POST a sales_invoice to Sage Business Cloud Accounting when you say "SAGE"? The total_discount_amount is the total of discounts belonging to each of the item lines of the invoice. For example an invoice with three item lines each with a discount of 10.00 would mean the total_discount_amount = 30.00. It's not possible to set an invoice level discount in SBCA and discounts must be applied on a line by line basis. The example below shows how a discount can be set for an item line and the attached image shows the result in the SBCA UI. { "sales_invoice": { "contact_id": "7d5331e5a8204f35b8f0a801e85c834a", "date": "2021-09-15", "due_date": "2021-10-15", "invoice_lines": [ { "description": "Test Item Line", "ledger_account_id": "2c8d7ef0b3bb11ebb35d02665419b6eb", "quantity": 1, "tax_amount": 1.80, "tax_rate_id": "GB_STANDARD", "unit_price": 10, "unit_price_includes_tax": false, "discount_amount": 1.00 } ] } }
  2. HI Yeisson, welcome to the community! Sage 200 is not yet supported directly on the community. If you contact our colleagues at [email protected] and mention the product and your location, they'll be able to point you to the correct resources. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi Tadej, thank you for your question. To populate the tax_number of a customer contact, the number must be valid. For Spain, validation is 9 chars including 1 or 2 alpha chars. First or last, or first and last X12345678, 12345678X, X1234567X. If your request is still failing after ensuring the tax_number is valid, please post your request body for us to take a look at. If the Tax Number/NIF is set for the business and the contact it will display on the invoice as shown in the attached. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Jake Thank you for your question. I responded in the general thread prior to reading this asking for some further information. From what you've supplied here I believe that the Stripe account was configured from within Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When the stripe account is created in this way, Sage Business Cloud Accounting creates a holding bank account for stripe payments named "Stripe". This is set as read only and transactions cannot be created via either the API or the WEB UI. This is due to Sage Business Cloud Accounting handling the payouts and invoice allocation through its internal logic. If for any reason there is an outstanding invoice that has been paid by Stripe and the payout is showing in the account, I would advise the business to contact the support team. Thanks Mark
  5. Hi Jake How do your stripe payouts appear in the Bank Account? A lot will depend on how your stripe account is configured within Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Was the registration for stripe payments setup through Sage Business Cloud Accounting or external to it? The payments need to be seen as customer receipts in order for them to be allocated in the API. Our Payments and Receipts guide offers further guidance on this. Thanks Mark
  6. Hi Stasin, thank you for your question. 30 days is the refresh token expiry time, 5 mins is the access token expiry. On expiry of an access token the refresh token is exchanged for a new access and refresh token. Further details are covered in the authentication guide. The URL you are using is the correct URL, but I'm unsure from the request example how you are expecting it to return the contact you created in the web UI? You seem to use the ID of a contact and then use the Href URL in the response to open the contact in the UI? You can add a search query param and set that to the contact name, business or ideally the ref - contacts?search=com001 to return the exact contact(if using the ref) or return a subset of contacts containing your query value if using the name or business. If you have access to more than one business, you'll need to ensure you are setting the request header with X-Business and the ID value of the business you are attempting to obtain the contacts from. You can quickly find out which businesses you have access to by making a GET request to the businesses endpoint. Our Demo Data POSTMAN collection contains a pre request script you can use to refresh the access token. This will prevent the need from manually needing to re auth every five minutes. If you send an email to [email protected] containing the email address of the trial account together with the region (FR, ES UKI etc) we can extend developer trial accounts for 12 mths. Thanks Mark
  7. Hi Connor, thank you for your question. This community is specifically aimed at the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API. For information and guidance around Sage 200, you'll need to contact our colleagues at [email protected] Thanks Mark
  8. Hi Rafael, thank you for your question. To obtain the contact balance you need to pass the show_balance query parameter as in the partial request below. contacts/7d5331e5a8204f35b8f0a801e85c834a?show_balance=true Thanks Mark
  9. Hi James Unfortunately you can't use the Sage Business Cloud Accounting API to integrate with Sage 200. There is a Sage 200 API available which is supported by our colleagues at [email protected] Regards Mark
  10. Thanks for clarifying. Are you sure they are using Sage Business Cloud Accounting? Serial Numbers and Activation Keys are generally associated with Sage 50c which is a desktop product. You'll need to ask them to send you an invite. The invite needs to go to your sage ID email address. The invite is sent via settings > User management. They will need to have system administrator privileges to send the invite. Once you've accepted the invite and associated your Sage ID with the business, you'll then be able to authenticate. Regards Mark
  11. Thanks James How did they provide you access to the business? If you go to https://app.sageone.com are you able to sign into the business via the web UI with the credentials they provided? Regards Mark
  12. Hi James, thank you for your question. Who's business are you trying to authenticate with, is it the business of your client or a trial business you have created? Regards Mark
  13. Thanks for letting me know Craig. I've sent a PM to arrange a suitable time to troubleshoot your issue. We'll need to look at the client ID and secret which is best not shared here. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Mark
  14. Hi Zakari, thank you for your question. At present this community is built around the Sage Business Cloud Accounting product. For Sage 100c support, you'll need to contact our support team via the [email protected] email address. Regards Mark
  15. Hi Craig, thank you for your question. When registering your application, what callback url did you use? If you're using POSTMAN you'll need to register the POSTMAN callback URL in addition to any callback url registered for your own app. From your description, it would seem that the Auth code is not being returned to the callback url meaning the POST to exchange the auth code for an access token cannot be made successfully. POSTMAN app = https://www.postman.com/oauth2/callback POSTMAN web UI = https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/browser-callback Thanks Mark
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