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  1. Hello Ben, Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful. Regards, Eugenia
  2. I have a few questions related to importing .csv files to Sage BC: 1) It's said on the 'Import bank statement' Sage BC page that transaction type=payment can have a negative value. Is it correct? So payments either +ve or -ve pass the import successfully 2) And a similar question relates to credit notes. If an external system stores credit notes as -ve values, is it ok to have them as negatives in a .csv file for Sage BC? Or -ve CRs should be converted to +ves and marked as transaction type = cr note (similar to how it works in Sage 200) 3) The last question is about Sales invoices Debit notes. For Sage BC .csv file for invoices there can be only 2 transaction types, either invoice or cr note. Does it mean that debit notes should get type = invoice? Thanks in advance
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