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  1. Hi, Can you try the following link? https://developer.sage.com/accounting/reference/user-businesses/ Thanks
  2. Hi Jimmy, Could you post an screenshot of that dialog/error? Hide the relevant info. Thanks
  3. Hi Tajveez, To import Orders into Sage X3, you can use either the Import / Export web service (as explained in https://developer.sage.com/x3/import-export-guide/developing-with-web-services/), or you can publish the SOH object in Web Services. The idea of the Import/Export WS is to use the structure defined in the Import template, from the file import & export functionality, but instead of working with a file, you would pass as a parameter the data of the file, not the file. This can be done on a single call using basic authentication. If you publish the object instead of using the Import/export web service, then you can perform CRUD operations record by record. In Sage University (sageu.com) you can find some training on how to use this. Hope it helps!
  4. Hi Rui, As far as I know, I don't think there is any way to create new mutations yet. You could submit a suggestion here: https://developerportal.ideas.aha.io/ Thanks, best regards!
  5. Hi, Does this happen just opening the screen, or just on that record? Cheers
  6. Hi Aranza! I'm not sure yet how that works as I haven't done any training yet, but there are some samples in the developer portal, check it here: https://developer.sage.com/x3/graphql/ Also, there is already training at Sage University for GraphQL: https://sageu.csod.com/ui/lms-learning-details/app/course/1b7c6cae-0406-4281-b223-e7afbd447389 Hope it helps! Alex
  7. Hi again Tim, Someone just told me that link is to an old page; the new documentation can be found here: https://developer.sage.com/x3/graphql/ and the Quick Start Guide here: https://developer.sage.com/x3/graphql/quick-start/
  8. Hi Tim, I think the X3 endpoint is down... if you try to use the "API reference & explorer" on the Developer portal is not working either. Hopefully they get that up soon (I sent a message to a responsible for that). Thanks, Alex
  9. Hi Yehor, This section is for Sage X3 questions; you might get answers if you post in Sage Accounting Support: https://developer-community.sage.com/forum/6-support/ Best regards, Alex
  10. Hi Delbert! On the new release of Sage X3 2021 R2 there is already some GraphQL capabilities: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/wp-static-content/news/en_US/ReleaseNote/RELNOTE_V12.0.26.htm (check "Platform"). As far as I know, the ADC module (handheld devices for warehousing) uses the new technology. Hope it helps! Alex
  11. Hi Chitrans, As far as I know, there is no oAuth2 authentication for external REST web services, but maybe you could pass some information on the code call that could embed that (not sure, just an option). You can look at the online help here with some sample calls: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/staticpost/api-asyrrestcli/?highlight=asyrrestcli Hope it helps! Alex
  12. Hi everyone, I'm Alex, a technical enablement manager for ISVs at Sage. I've been working here for many years, in different roles and different products, but mostly with Sage X3. I hope I can help here and contribute as much as possible to the community. Best regards!
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