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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm getting troubles with accesing Graphql services with a On-Premise SAGE X3 v12 instance for a client. I was able to request Webservices with below endpoint, where PROD is my folder {{server}}/api1/x3/erp/PROD/SORDER?representation=SORDER.$query&OrderBy=ORDDAT desc, Also SOAP Services with below endpoint /soap-generic/syracuse/collaboration/syracuse/CAdxWebServiceXmlCC But I'm not able to request or find out which endpoint to use for graphql services, I tried in a form like: {{server}}/v1/service/PROD/api/ with Basic Auth, it return Status Code 200, but I get this response in blank I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks and regards
  2. Hi All, Has anyone had any success connecting Postman to the Sage GraphQL sandbox environment? I've followed all the instructions here https://developer.sage.com/api/x3/graphql/quick-start-guide/ but no joy. Postman just pops up the OAuth window with the text "{"message":""}" in it. Its soooooo frustrating. Many Thanks.
  3. When launching a request via REST web service with the ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS instruction against a third party Endpoint, I need to control a certain time in which, if the Endpoint does not respond, to exit the call and return error by TimeOut. Currently, if the Endpoint is stopped, the process runs and I don't know for how long, because when it took more than 15 minutes I stopped it. Looking for information, I have tried putting this in the header parameters: # Add a parameter HCOD(1) = 'xxx-api-key'. HVAL(1) = '"'+PCONEXPWD+'"'' HCOD(2) = 'Content-Type' HVAL(2) = '"application/json"'' HCOD(3) = 'Keep-Alive' HVAL(3) = '"timeout=1"'' But it still does not stop at one minute Thank you very much, in advance, for the answers.
  4. Hi All I have tried searching but I just cant ever find anything on the Sage website. Can anyone point me in the direction of the instructions for implementing the API for Sage 200c Professional please? Many thanks
  5. Hi I've created a developer account and app so I've my id/secret. I've then imported into Postman the Sage settings. When I either go to the main section and/or a sub category (such as contacts) when I try to get a token I get the following message: Authorise Application Error We are very sorry, but there has been a problem. Please try again If you continue to have issues then please email [email protected] or call the Customer Service Team on 0845 1116 611 When I run this in my Laravel system:- $authorisationUrl = 'https://www.sageone.com/oauth2/auth/central?filter=apiv3.1'; $tokenUrl = 'https://oauth.accounting.sage.com/token'; $redirectUrl = 'https://???.?????.co.uk/api/v1/sage/sageCallback'; header('Location: ' . $authorisationUrl . '?' . "&response_type=code" . "&client_id=".$clientId . "&state=".$branchId . "scope=full_access" . "redirect_uri=". $redirectUrl ); I click the login button, get the sage screen to allow/deny access, but when I click allow, I then get this screen:- https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/browser-callback?error=temporarily_unavailable&error_description=The+backend+service+is+temporarily+not+available.+Please+try+again+later.&state=dev Authentication complete You can close the tab and go back to the Postman app. Which is bizarre because I make no reference to postman and would expect to be redirected to my redirect uri! Can someone help me in moving forward and obtaining a token. Cheers Carl
  6. Good day. Is there a SBCA API for South Africa? I would like to access the tables to create reports. Thanks
  7. We have released a new update(#57) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. Added feedback functionality (You can now leave page specific feedback on our documentation at the bottom of the resource) Endpoint Documentation (Deep dive into our provider and connector API endpoints). Authenticate Auth Refresh Notification Available Accounts Authorisations Statements Account Queries Updated API flow articles Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Multi Account link Disconnection Updated our Explore page (Detailed description of the provider and connector API, along side flow image enhancements) Updated Setup page (Added Requirements and included new self serve experience) Updated Integration section (Better flow and new content) Side navigation layout improvements Added new testing article (Outlined our test plan and testing process) Improved 'What is banking service' (Updated flows, faster loading images and updated content) Issue Fixes (Updated API specification and documentation with correct bank identifier properties) If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. 👇
  8. Hello everyone I wanna tell you a problem that get show when i´m doing a request in Postman to the Auth to get the TOKEN, however the next error appear These are the data i sent
  9. The new Reduced Rate 2 tax code has been introduced recently but now using a GUID instead of the string value (e.g. GB_EXEMPT) as per previous VAT codes. This breaks our integration as some Tax Codes use string code naming convention and now the new one uses GUID (As per screenshot). This must be a mistake, right?! Can you please update so the new VAT rate uses a Code following the original naming convention? Or, move all to GUIDs so the construct is uniform and we can code against it effectively? Unless this is fixed we will have to code for this glaring inconistency.
  10. Hi, We are on X3 V12 90.24.54. I am updating some sales orders via C# using web services. What I have noticed is that the sales line details API is updating incorrect line details, even after explicitly setting product code + line numbers. It seem that it is updating line detail based on the order received rather than observing the product code and line number. An example is I have a sales order with four line details (1000 -> 4000). I only want to update line 4000. My XML payload to the webservice is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?> -<PARAM xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> -<GRP ID="SOH0_1"> <FLD NAME="BPCORD">ABC001</FLD> <FLD NAME="SALFCY">UATSITE</FLD> </GRP> -<TAB ID="SOH4_1" SIZE="1"> -<LIN NUM="1"> <FLD NAME="ITMREF">HNP00019</FLD> <FLD NAME="NUMLIG">4000</FLD> <FLD NAME="SOPLIN">4000</FLD> <FLD NAME="QTY">12</FLD> <FLD NAME="ITMDES">This is a closed line really</FLD> </LIN> </TAB> </PARAM> I'm calling the webservice "SOH" endpoint, using the Modify method. The call is working correctly and updating the line detail, unfortunately, its the wrong line detail. I've tried omitting the SOPLIN field, etc. If I omit the NUMLIG field, then a new line detail is inserted (as expected). Any ideas?
  11. We have released a new update(#50) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. Please find what we have been working on within the following change log: Content improvements to setup, integrate and go live & support sections. Created new format for easier navigation; Explore Setup Integrate Go live & support Added explore section to easily access API specification, public postman collections and search by use case. Amended the getting started overview to fit this format change and allow for easier navigation. Updated contact us sections to reference our new banking service forum. Added supported Sage products and regions page. Updated navigation menu to fit format changes. Updated our provider walkthrough guides; Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Multi Account Link Disconnection User experience added supporting graphical Imagery and content amendments. Added new field 'currency' to the provider API specification. Updated provider API specification with correct property descriptions for the PATCH /authorisations endpoint. Updated flow diagrams to contain retrieval of Sage ID token. Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Corrected the Multi account link walkthrough, changing 'bankaccountids' query parameter to be 'externalId'. Updated the Multi account link walkthrough with descriptions of each field returned. Updates to the connector API specification; Correct property descriptions for the GET /availableAccounts endpoint. Amended 'bankaccountids' query parameter to be 'externalId'. Updates to our public banking services postman collections. If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. 👇
  12. Hi, I'm currently building an application for a Client and receiving an Authentication error when attempting to request an access token. Tried both below authenticating via browser. Both in which I was advised to raise a support ticket Have registered the call back url for the application. Just wondering what the issue might be?? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, James
  13. Hi, In Sage One API, I would like to know if it is possible to get an Access Token without the input of the user / redirect_uri. From my understanding we must call the https://www.sageone.com/oauth2/auth route that will prompt the user to enter the login infos manually and then redirect the user to a redirect_uri callback with a code. And then we will be able to call https://oauth.na.sageone.com/token with the provided code to get the Access Token. What we want is the authentication step in the API to be transparent to the user. Thank you!
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