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Found 2 results

  1. I need to call the sage 50 APIs for getting and posting data from a background service. So is there any way we can get a token (with a much higher expiry period) for accounting API without invoking the Sage 50 login screen since I want to call these APIs not from the UI side but from the background process. Thanks, frebin
  2. Hello! We managed to successfully implement Sage API in our workflow using the official guide https://developer.sage.com/ api / accounting / guides / client_ app_registration /. Everything worked fine (app creation, Postman authorisation and final implementation). However, this was done only for our production environment. Because we also use 2 development environments (DEV and STAGE), we figured it would be best to create 2 more Sage apps and use their client secret and ids to authorise and use on those environments. But, despite doing the same thing as first time, when trying to get authorised via Postman, all requests fail (unauthorised, see attached screenshot). Meaning we can't get access/refresh tokens and cannot use Sage on our testing environment. How can we fix this and use multiple Sage apps in our workflow? This would be a really nice thing to have since using the same app for DEV, STAGE and PRODUCTION causes various outdated refresh/access token situations which we really want to avoid. Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
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