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Found 6 results

  1. Hai Everyone, My name is Jordan, I am apart of our service fabric enablement team here at Sage. Currently supporting our partners with integration into our service fabric domain services. This thread has been created to cover everything banking service. From any questions or queries you may have, through to documentation feedback or ideas on how we can improve the service. If you ever have any issues that require some extra eyesπŸ‘€, just create a new topic within this area and our Sage team and developer/partner community will be here to support. You can find our Sage banking service documentation on our developer portal. We're always adding new content and continuing to improve this portal to better support you with building great integrations! Of course any feedback or ideas you have on how these can be improved, please lets us know below. πŸ‘‡ View our community standards.
  2. We have released a new update(#64) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. New landing page to quickly jump into key areas, find resources and view articles. Improved 'What is banking service' (Easily understand what is the banking service, how it works and why you should integrate). Added FAQ section (You can find our most asked questions at the bottom of key pages). We have now created a playground bank that you can use to test your solutions. Learn how to secure your integration into the Banking Service. We have updated our test plan with new items and you can check tests off once you have completed them. Our integrate section now allows you to get up and running even quicker. You can now request your production credentials when your ready to go live. Run through our launch checklist to ensure you haven't missed anything. We have also fixed tons of issues and added new features based on your feedback. To name a few: Details on issuer and audience validation. Updated support products and regions page. Amended Re-Auth flow with detailed request data. Updated API Specification to fit latest open API version. More detailed multi account link descriptions. You can now easily select the API specification you need. Now easily notify us when you are ready to go into production. You can now complete our test plan and let us know that it has been completed. If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. πŸ‘‡
  3. I have Stripe connected to Sage Accounting. Any test-mode transactions generated in Stripe are brought into Sage alongside live ones. I've attached an image of the (test mode) payout from Stripe, and the line item for it under Banking -> Stripe -> Payouts from Sage Accouting. I assume you receive webhooks from Stripe for each payout or fetch them at regular intervals, and just need to check the `livemode` field is set to true. https://stripe.com/docs/api/payouts/object Please let me know if I should be reporting this on a different forum. Thanks for your help!
  4. We have released a new update(#57) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. Added feedback functionality (You can now leave page specific feedback on our documentation at the bottom of the resource) Endpoint Documentation (Deep dive into our provider and connector API endpoints). Authenticate Auth Refresh Notification Available Accounts Authorisations Statements Account Queries Updated API flow articles Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Multi Account link Disconnection Updated our Explore page (Detailed description of the provider and connector API, along side flow image enhancements) Updated Setup page (Added Requirements and included new self serve experience) Updated Integration section (Better flow and new content) Side navigation layout improvements Added new testing article (Outlined our test plan and testing process) Improved 'What is banking service' (Updated flows, faster loading images and updated content) Issue Fixes (Updated API specification and documentation with correct bank identifier properties) If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. πŸ‘‡
  5. We have released a new update(#50) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. Please find what we have been working on within the following change log: Content improvements to setup, integrate and go live & support sections. Created new format for easier navigation; Explore Setup Integrate Go live & support Added explore section to easily access API specification, public postman collections and search by use case. Amended the getting started overview to fit this format change and allow for easier navigation. Updated contact us sections to reference our new banking service forum. Added supported Sage products and regions page. Updated navigation menu to fit format changes. Updated our provider walkthrough guides; Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Multi Account Link Disconnection User experience added supporting graphical Imagery and content amendments. Added new field 'currency' to the provider API specification. Updated provider API specification with correct property descriptions for the PATCH /authorisations endpoint. Updated flow diagrams to contain retrieval of Sage ID token. Onboarding Re-Authorisation Posting Statements Corrected the Multi account link walkthrough, changing 'bankaccountids' query parameter to be 'externalId'. Updated the Multi account link walkthrough with descriptions of each field returned. Updates to the connector API specification; Correct property descriptions for the GET /availableAccounts endpoint. Amended 'bankaccountids' query parameter to be 'externalId'. Updates to our public banking services postman collections. If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. πŸ‘‡
  6. We have released a new update(#35) to our Banking Service Provider documentation. Please find what we have been working on within the following change log: Added updated postman collection which links to our new public workspace. Removed old collections that have to be downloaded. Updated using postman article to detail these changes and how to use new collections. Added detailed API flow article for each of the provider flows documented within our postman collection. Onboarding Re-Authorisation Multi-Account Linking Posting Statements Disconnection Amended SVG diagrams with flow corrections. Amended connector API specification with further detail. Amended provider API specification with further detail. Added SBCA video showing the customer integrating with bank feeds. Amendments to getting set up page. Amendments to What is banking service, including new imagery. User flow images and content added by user experience. Content edits and review by user experience. If you have any feedback on these changes, please let us know below. πŸ‘‡
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