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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Team. We're implementing an app which connects to Sage Business Accounting through Oauth2 redirect. The flow as follows 1. The user leaves our app and redirected to Sage page which lists region to choose from (screenshot-1) 2. The user selects "Canada" 3. The user lands on an error page (screenshot-2) which says "An unhandled lowlevel error occured. The application logs may have details". Can you help us understand what is causing this failure? Please note, for the same app and flow, it does successfully connect too so it does not fail always. Looking forward to get this issue resolved. Thank you! Sethu screenshots.docx
  2. Hi, I'm currently building an application for a Client and receiving an Authentication error when attempting to request an access token. Tried both below authenticating via browser. Both in which I was advised to raise a support ticket Have registered the call back url for the application. Just wondering what the issue might be?? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, James
  3. Hello! We managed to successfully implement Sage API in our workflow using the official guide https://developer.sage.com/ api / accounting / guides / client_ app_registration /. Everything worked fine (app creation, Postman authorisation and final implementation). However, this was done only for our production environment. Because we also use 2 development environments (DEV and STAGE), we figured it would be best to create 2 more Sage apps and use their client secret and ids to authorise and use on those environments. But, despite doing the same thing as first time, when trying to get authorised via Postman, all requests fail (unauthorised, see attached screenshot). Meaning we can't get access/refresh tokens and cannot use Sage on our testing environment. How can we fix this and use multiple Sage apps in our workflow? This would be a really nice thing to have since using the same app for DEV, STAGE and PRODUCTION causes various outdated refresh/access token situations which we really want to avoid. Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
  4. I have tried to obtain a new access and refresh token with Python but I cant get it to work: import http.client connection = http.client.HTTPSConnection('oauth.accounting.sage.com', 443, timeout = 30) headers = {"client_id":client_id_sage_value, "Content-Type":"application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "client_secret":client_secret_sage_value, "grant_type": "refresh_token", "refresh_token":refresh_token_value, "Accept":"application/json"} # Send synchronously connection.request('POST', '/token', None, headers) try: response = connection.getresponse() content = response.read() # Success print('Response status ' + str(response.status)) except http.client.HTTPException as e: # Exception print('Exception during request') I get a Response status 400 with the following content: " b'{"$severity":"error","$dataCode":"DataParsingError","$message":"The data you sent could not be processed.","$source":"Proxy"}' Does anyone have any tips on how to obtain the refresh token with Python? It works in Postman with the user interface, also I can make GET requests with the some minor modifications to the code to obtain account information etc.
  5. Hey! I managed to set up the auth request via Postman and received access and refresh token. I stored the refresh token in our database and was able to make further api requests with php. For oauth params i was using grant_type 'refresh_token', and for data i provided something like this: $this->oauthParams = array( 'client_id' => '[my client id]', 'client_secret' => '[my client secret]', 'grant_type' => 'refresh_token', 'refresh_token' => $refreshToken, ); And this was working fine for about 3, 4 days. Then suddenly, without changing any of this code since the first setup (i checked git history and all), this stopped working. Every call for getting new tokens results in a "failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request" response. What could be the cause of this issue? Is there a better, more stabile way of getting the access to api? Thank you for your time :)
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