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Found 2 results

  1. When launching a request via REST web service with the ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS instruction against a third party Endpoint, I need to control a certain time in which, if the Endpoint does not respond, to exit the call and return error by TimeOut. Currently, if the Endpoint is stopped, the process runs and I don't know for how long, because when it took more than 15 minutes I stopped it. Looking for information, I have tried putting this in the header parameters: # Add a parameter HCOD(1) = 'xxx-api-key'. HVAL(1) = '"'+PCONEXPWD+'"'' HCOD(2) = 'Content-Type' HVAL(2) = '"application/json"'' HCOD(3) = 'Keep-Alive' HVAL(3) = '"timeout=1"'' But it still does not stop at one minute Thank you very much, in advance, for the answers.
  2. Is there any plan to support Modern API protocols - REST, gRPC or GraphQL? SOAP is almost dead and most vendors have moved on due to below reasons: SOAP had its glory 15-20 years back REST over http/2 results in smaller payload as compared to SOAP (XML vs Json) gRPC is more suitable for server to server connection e.g. We have our ecommerce shopping cart where customers place wholesale order and our inventory is in SageX3, in this case, we need to fetch up to date stock, pricing from X3. Using SOAP in this case, results in larger payload as compared to gRPC (XML vs Protobuf) Consuming SOAP from frontend app is hard
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