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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm getting troubles with accesing Graphql services with a On-Premise SAGE X3 v12 instance for a client. I was able to request Webservices with below endpoint, where PROD is my folder {{server}}/api1/x3/erp/PROD/SORDER?representation=SORDER.$query&OrderBy=ORDDAT desc, Also SOAP Services with below endpoint /soap-generic/syracuse/collaboration/syracuse/CAdxWebServiceXmlCC But I'm not able to request or find out which endpoint to use for graphql services, I tried in a form like: {{server}}/v1/service/PROD/api/ with Basic Auth, it return Status Code 200, but I get this response in blank I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks and regards
  2. I have read articles on Sage's website: Now available for purchase a lightweight Sage X3 multi-tenant cloud sandbox to support the needs of Sage’s X3 developer community From <https://developer.sage.com/x3/announcements/2021-02-05/> 300 templates available with Data Integration API for multi-tenant cloud https://developer.sage.com/x3/announcements/2020-10-13/ I can't find where I can purchase a Lightweight Sage X3 multi-tenant cloud sanbox or a list of the 300 templates available for Data Integration API Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Hi expert, I deployed one virtual machine with Sage X3 version 12 patch 19 installed in Azure. I could login and operate in Sage X3 normally at first. But after a short while, somehow this error came out. I just did some simple operations before this error happened, such as opening of fiscal years/periods, adding products. And I could never login in Sage X3 again once this error occurred. I tried to redeploy a new VM and the same error happened again each time. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks.
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