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Found 1 result

  1. When launching a request via REST web service with the ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS instruction against a third party Endpoint, I need to control a certain time in which, if the Endpoint does not respond, to exit the call and return error by TimeOut. Currently, if the Endpoint is stopped, the process runs and I don't know for how long, because when it took more than 15 minutes I stopped it. Looking for information, I have tried putting this in the header parameters: # Add a parameter HCOD(1) = 'xxx-api-key'. HVAL(1) = '"'+PCONEXPWD+'"'' HCOD(2) = 'Content-Type' HVAL(2) = '"application/json"'' HCOD(3) = 'Keep-Alive' HVAL(3) = '"timeout=1"'' But it still does not stop at one minute Thank you very much, in advance, for the answers.
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