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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the info. I shall contact your colleagues wit the email you provided! Regards, Alain
  2. Hi, We have created a desktop application to work with the Sage Accounting API. Does this API work with Sage 50 cloud standard/professional? If not, is there a way to communicate with the desktop version? regards, Alain
  3. Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply. I have double checked the documentation and it cleary shows that Sales Credit Note are available for START. I have attached a screenshot showing this. Perhaps it's meant to say STANDARD instead? In addition, I have been able to send Credit Notes provided that I use an invoice id as the first error mentioned this. However, online the Credit Note does not seem to be linked to the invoice I specified and cannot be used to a specific invoice either.
  4. Hi Ben, Please find attached 2 files. One is the json body I sent and the other is the log. Regards, Alain log.txt sage_start_credit_note_test.json
  5. Hi, I'm trying to post some Credit Notes but getting the error: Mandatory parameters for Start in United Kingdom not provided: [invoice_id] I'm testing on the START version. I cannot see a variable [invoice_id] in the API reference for the Credit Note. Would this still apply for the other versions of Sage? Regards, Alain
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