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  1. Hi API v3.1 I get the following error when trying to create a contact_payment for a stripe invoice that originated on woocommerce ["0","[{\"$severity\":\"error\",\"$dataCode\":\"Validation\",\"$message\":\"Operation can not be performed on Stripe account\",\"$source\":\"Operation\"}]"] The payment json is as follows {"contact_payment":{"transaction_type_id":"CUSTOMER_RECEIPT","payment_method_id":"","contact_id":"0cdbd3172dd940179eb174415e0373cd","bank_account_id":"f7135a083d094ffa8b43c87782ca3c67","date":"2021-09-09","total_amount":"1.85","allocated_artefacts":[{"artefact_id":"f11615f9189540c3bec7794358c9f299","amount":"1.85"}]}} The bank account is /bank_accounts/f7135a083d094ffa8b43c87782ca3c67 Stripe (10021) I dont have this problem with paypal or the normal banh account I have tried setting payment_method_id=STRIPE but get the same result Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hi We have a woocommerce invoice that was paid by stripe, how do we set this as paid?
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