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  1. Thanks, Mark, but I did try that (as described in the original post). Anyway, I solved it. The trick is to leave the invoice's tax_address_region_id unpopulated (i.e., null).
  2. I am trying to create a sales invoice with no tax and a U.S. delivery address, but when tax_rate_id is CA_EXEMPT, CA_NO_TAX, or CA_ZERO and tax_address_region_id is in the U.S. ("US-KY" in this case), I receive error "Couldn't find AddressRegion" and the invoice is not created. I have tried with tax_amount values of "0.00" and null. Supplying a Canadian tax_address_region_id (e.g., "CA-ON") fails with "tax_address_region_id is not allowed"--probably because the delivery address is in the U.S. The master list of tax_rate_id values only includes Canadian taxes and CA_EXEMPT, CA_NO_TAX, and CA_ZERO . Running Sage Business Cloud Accounting normally (i.e., in a browser as an end-user) and setting invoice delivery address to a U.S. location populates the Tax Rate dropdown with only these values: "Zero Rated 0.00%", "Exempt 0.00%", and "No Tax", which seemingly conform to the trio named above. Here is the JSON content (some address info has been altered for this example, and zip/postal codes might be invalid as a result): { "sales_invoice": { "contact_id": "dfd5417ec8384cc89084eb6e9f2cf1f9", "date": "2024-04-10", "delivery_address": { "address_line_1": "1 JONES LANE", "address_line_2": "", "address_type_id": "DELIVERY", "city": "LOUISVILLE", "country_group_id": "ALL", "country_id": "US", "postal_code": "40243", "region": "KY" }, "due_date": "2024-04-12", "invoice_lines": [{ "analysis_type_categories": null, "description": "LAREDO, TX - LOUISVILLE, KY", "ledger_account_id": "b21edb9145aa11ee8d7712b53df3d14f", "quantity": 1, "service_id": "5835a1d2f5f94aacb77357dca763588b", "tax_amount": "0.00", "tax_rate_id": "CA_EXEMPT", "unit_price": "390.00", "unit_price_includes_tax": false }, { "analysis_type_categories": null, "description": "FSC - (Standard Rate)", "ledger_account_id": "b21edb9145aa11ee8d7712b53df3d14f", "quantity": 1, "service_id": null, "tax_amount": "0.00", "tax_rate_id": "CA_EXEMPT", "unit_price": "5108.10", "unit_price_includes_tax": false } ], "invoice_number": "328827", "invoice_number_prefix": "I", "main_address": { "address_line_1": "34 CANUCK DRIVE", "address_line_2": "", "address_type_id": "ACCOUNTS", "city": "MISSISSAUGA", "country_group_id": "ALL", "country_id": "CA", "postal_code": "L5T 1C1", "region": "ON" }, "notes": "1", "reference": "10748979", "tax_address_region_id": "US-KY" } }
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