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  1. Hi Ben Thanks for your reply. In the UI when using eg. Standard rate (20%) then I think you can actually enter whatever Net and VAT split you like as long as the total is same as the Trans Amount. However, when sending my own Trans Amount, Net and VAT split amounts to Sage via the API then I think the API actually uses the Trans Amount only and splits this itself at 20% into Net & VAT irrespective of the split amounts sent to it. To be fair, in the API Documentation only the trans_amount is flagged as 'required' but you would think that if you send the Net and VAT then it would use
  2. I am using the other_payments API to post transactions to Sage Business Cloud Accounts (Standard). I am sending the total_amount, net_amount, tax_amount and tax_rate_id in my postdata object - see attached. This all works fine for normal transactions with VAT split at standard rate 20%. However, in some cases, I need to send net_amount and tax_amount that don't quite match the standard 20% split (sometimes by a few pence on each side) even though the total_amount is still correct. I am still using the standard tax_rate_id. The problem is that Sage appears to ignore my split and recalcul
  3. Hi Mark Thanks for your reply. Therefore I really need to include all relevant information in the 'reference' field in the bank part of the JSON. Then I will see this when viewing the transaction in the Bank UI view. For example, I could include the payee name in the 'reference' field so that when performing the bank reconciliation then we have an idea of who the payment went to. The reference could include other info as well. In the API Reference guide, it would be useful to know the size of the various fields? It often states 'string' but doesn't give indication of field size.
  4. I'm using the other_payments API to post bank payments that don't relate to customers or suppliers. The header section includes 'bank_account_id' and 'reference' fields. The payment_lines section includes 'ledger_account_id' and 'details' fields. However, when I view the transaction in Sage and look at the bank account then the description field is not populated. When I look at the ledger account then the description shows the 'details' field. Is there any way to get the bank account to show the details in the description field? For example, when doing bank reconciliation, it is useful to
  5. I am creating an invoice in my application and sending it to Sage Business Cloud Accounting via the API. I note from the documentation that the invoice_number field is a string. However, I get an error if I send anything to this field other than an integer. Is this correct? I also note that you can't send invoices to Sage using duplicate numbers. Is this correct?
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