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Exposing Product Categories through the API

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I am working with the Accounting API attempting to export products from HubSpot and get them in to Sage.

Within Sage itself (e.g, the Sage website), you can assign Categories to Products and Services. These can be created and managed on the "Products and Services" page.

I wanted to assign the imported products to a "Hubspot" category so that the end user can differentiate which products / services came from where.

I have not found a way to extract these ctegories off the v3.1 API.

Does anyone know how we can reteive these categories or create new ones through the API?

Apologies for the user name!


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Welcome to the forum! 

Apologies, but unfortunately at this time the product categories are not exposed via the API. Its something we are hoping to allow in the future, and I'll be sure to update the docs and announce that here when we get to it.




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