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SageX3 on-prem RestAPI Integration - query contract schema


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Hello I am new and I am hopeful someone can help me here.

I have a Demo SageX3 with Sage running.

I am developing a connect to this environment. I will be using Rest API option.

Many specific requests work.

Here are a few examples what works:'SONZA0210001')?representation=SORDER.$details


However, the first request my application needs to make is to read the schema and get all the objects. SDATA documentation (http://sage.github.io/SData-2.0/pages/core/0401/)  indicates it is possible by accessing this URL$schema

This request fails with BAD REQUEST error.

How can I fix it? Do I need to enable something in Sage to access this request?

I will be very much thankful. If there is another forum to post things like this I will be happy to repost.

Thank you


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Have you fixed it? 

It seems I have the same problem with you.

if the url have $xxx, it return BAD REQUEST, and forbidden info:

{"$diagnoses":[{"$severity":"error","$message":"Forbidden [x-9c41b01b73bb 2021-06-17T01:46:09.035Z]","$stackTrace":"Forbidden [x-9c41b01b73bb 2021-06-17T01:46:09.035Z]"}]}

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