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Hosting Sage X3


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I work for a company that provides custom software solutions for a series of hospitality brands which are running off Sage X3.
My company runs social network, machine vision, admissions and ecommerce platforms with all the skill required to build and develop those kinds of technologies.


Our development process heavily relies upon "development" environments where we are able to seed data, build and test new functionality before deploying the code to a production environment. Often the code for a feature/integration is deployed ahead of the feature going live as we work with our customers on any training needs. To explain a series of changes to the various business owners we use a "post-production" environment which has real connections to replica or test environments. For example, our post production environment has a test connection to Stripe and fake implementation of our email service to ensure we can work with production-like data to demo and train without having to spend actual money or have emails be sent to real people!

My Question

We need to self-host Sage X3 in our development and post-production environments. As such the services we will be running will never be used in operating businesses but will be entirely for (software) development purposes. We need to be able to directly access the backing databases to refresh data as we see fit. We'll also need to develop custom functionality using the (odd looking) scripting functions available. We are happy to manage updates to the software ourselves. We do not want to resell the software - all of our clients are already using for and paying for Sage X3 with a mixture of self-hosting or managed hosting. In the future we could take over that managed hosting but it isn't a discussion point at this time.

How do I go about getting accreditation / paying a developer license to obtain the software so that we can host?


Happy to be contacted by Sales/Developer Advocates for a call etc. In the meantime we are using our clients "Test" environments but this is not our preferred route. 


Thank you for your time.


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