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Creating posted AP Payment via XML API


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Whenever I create an AP Payment via the API (https://developer.intacct.com/api/accounts-payable/ap-payments/#create-ap-payment) the payment ends up listed under "Payment requests". The desired result is that the payment ends up under "Posted payments". What could I be doing wrong here? Is this just a permissions issue? Is it even possible to create posted payments this way? 

For context, I'm using a 3rd party payment provider to do the actual payment, so I just need to signal to Intacct that a bill has been paid, essentially. 

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It's unlikely that the issue you're facing is related to permissions. While the API allows creating payments, it doesn't directly control whether they are listed under "Posted payments" or "Payment requests." Here's what might be happening:

1. Payment Submission vs. Posting:

The API endpoint you're using, create-ap-payment, primarily creates a draft payment. This means the payment is not automatically finalized and reflected in your accounts. To achieve "Posted payments" status, you typically need an additional step to "submit" or "post" the payment.

2. Checking the API Documentation:

The documentation for create-ap-payment mentions a parameter called "Submit" with a default value of "true". However, it doesn't explicitly state how submitting the payment affects its status. You might need to check if there's any specific endpoint or action within the API to officially "post" the payment and move it from "Payment requests" to "Posted payments."

3. Considering Alternatives:

If submitting through the API isn't readily available, you might explore alternative approaches:

  • Marking the Payment as Paid: Depending on your integration with the third-party provider, you might be able to send a signal back to Intacct indicating the bill has been paid. This could involve updating the relevant bill record with a "paid" status or triggering a separate workflow that updates the payment status internally.
  • Custom Development: If the above options don't work, you might need to consider custom development. This could involve building a custom integration that interacts with the Intacct API to not only create the payment but also handle the posting process through additional API calls or internal workflows.

Remember, for definitive answers about posting payments through the API, it's recommended to:

  • Consult the Intacct Developer Portal: The official documentation for the API might have specific instructions or examples for posting payments.
  • Contact Intacct Support: If you still face issues, reaching out to Intacct support could clarify the functionalities and steps needed to achieve your desired outcome.
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Posted (edited)

Answering my own question...

What solved it for me was the information that Bill.com is able to do this while avoiding the "Payment request" problem, by using something called "Record transfer". Using payment method `EFT` instead of `Printed check` resolved it for me in the Create AP Payment API call.

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