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Sage Intacct api question re: payments --> invoices


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I am trying to post a payment and have it applied to an invoice, My code is below and when I run it I get the following error. Am I missing something here? Any help would be appreciated.

<errormessage><error><errorno>DL03000005</errorno><description></description><description2>No record exists for the invoice key INV00002 [Support ID: RWTqRWEB031%7EZetZCP5G0hF4r1u-NS7-KwAAAAw]</description2><correction></correction></error></errormessage>

here is the code - it's pretty much straight from sdk/tests


        const record = new IA.Functions.AccountsReceivable.ArPaymentCreate();
        record.customerId = 'valid_cid';
        record.transactionPaymentAmount = 123.00;
        record.receivedDate = new Date();
        record.paymentMethod = 'Credit Card';
        record.referenceNumber = 'abc123';
        const applyToRecordA = new IA.Functions.AccountsReceivable.ArPaymentItem();
        applyToRecordA.applyToRecordId = 'INV00002';
        applyToRecordA.amountToApply = 123.00;
        record.applyToTransactions = [

        record.creditCardType = 'Visa';
        record.bankAccountId = 'bank_123';

        return this.iaClient.execute(record);


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