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Prevent a user from leaving a grid line with validation errors


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I have an action based screen (no object), with a grid that the user needs to enter details into.

I need to validate that the user hasn't entered duplicate lines into the details grid.
The grid has multiple fields that make up the unique key, so I can't do an after change / control on a specific field.

I  would like to validate the line after the user tabs off to the next line or clicks a button, which I can do in the NBLIG Control
action by trapping status = 75.  However, setting mkstat = 2 doesn't prevent X3 from moving to the next grid line.

How can I prevent X3 moving to a new grid line if there are validation errors ?


Subprog C_NBLIG
  If (status = 75) Then
    if (validation errors) then
      mkstat = 2  # Doesn't do anything




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