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Request for Schedule (Shifts) Retrieval Feature in Sage HR API


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One crucial feature that would be great is the ability to retrieve employee schedules programmatically and/or based on team and/or per time period. As of my recent exploration, I couldn't find an existing endpoint or functionality within the Sage HR API specifically dedicated to retrieving schedules.

I wanted to inquire whether there are any plans to implement a feature that would allow developers to access schedules via the Sage HR API. If such a feature is not currently in development, I would like to express interest in having this functionality added to the API.

Being able to programmatically retrieve schedules would be very good from an integration point of view.

Could you please provide any insights or updates regarding the potential implementation of this feature? Additionally, if there are any alternative methods or workarounds you could suggest in the meantime, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you for considering this request.

Paulo Condeça.

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