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Welcome to the Sage Developer Community

It’s good to have you here. Let’s build great things together!

The community is designed as a space for you to get social. Help each other out with technical and business issues, share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas, and any upcoming events. Most importantly, let us know how we can support you to become experts in Sage accounting software and make your business thrive. 

Anyone can view the content on this community, but you do need to sign up to be part of the conversation. We’ve made this quick and easy to do and anyone can join in.

We encourage you to update your profile so we know who we’re talking to. Add a photo, header image, a bit about me and job title, we’re all friends here.

Please take a few minutes to read below before you get started, it won't take long.

Participate and enjoy!

We want everyone to enjoy being part of the Sage Developer Community so we’d love it if you could:

  • Be yourself using your real name, company name and any website links (no Rick Rolling here thanks!)
  • Only use content, images and copy that you own, or have permission to use
  • Keep content legal and safe for work
  • Give a shout out to the owner when you’re referring to other people’s images, copy or content
  • Avoid posting commercial or marketing content that isn’t relevant. We love to support businesses but we’re not in the market for the latest weight loss supplement 😁
  • Keep it civil. No swearing or SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER please!
  • Refrain from sliding into anyone’s DMs with anything you wouldn’t want your colleagues to see
  • Keep anything that shouldn’t be shared, for instance personal, commercial or contractual information off the community. Just remember, this is a public site, and anyone can read it. Admin and moderator inboxes are always open for anything private

Freedom of speech is encouraged but in some situations, we may need to:

  • Remove posts
  • Remove the ability to post on the Sage Developer Community
  • Ask you to change your about me or signature

If you feel someone has broken the code of conduct, you can flag any piece of content for review and one of our moderators will get right on it.

You can access more information about the Sage privacy policy and terms of use elsewhere on the site.


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