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We have am API process that generates the positive pay file for our bank. I'm the Sage Intacct system admin and my IT developer uses the aprecord.billtopaytokey on the AP record to pull the print as name from the contact record for the payee name field within the positive pay file. He identifies/joins/pulls the contact data by finding the contact.versionkey that matches the billtopaytokey.  We recently had an error that the billtopaytokey is referencing a version key that cannot be found. I confirmed that the contact record itself still exists, and is associated with the vendor record in question, however, but I don't have visibility to the contact.versionkey. I'm assuming that the versionkey gets a new number any time there is a change to that contact record. Is that correct? I'm trying to pinpoint what my AP team did on the AP bill and/or contact record that would create the mismatch. My current hypothesis is that the AP record was created, then the contact was updated and assigned a new version key and therefore it doesn't match the AP record. Any hints or help is appreciated.


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