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Inconsistent Date Formatting


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I am currently integrating a third party product with Sage using the Accounting API.


Having had some issues previously with autogenerated clients from the OpenAPI spec, I am hand rolling a client. Following the docs, the date formats on all dates should be yyyy-mm-dd, which I am seeing across almost all responses.


However when I mark an invoice as paid, I get UK formatted dates in the last_paid field response (dd/mm/yy). This is fairly painful, especially if I cannot rely on the docs to figure out when and where the date format may change.


Is this a bug, or expected behaviour? If the latter, is there any documentation on when this will happen.






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Hi Alex,

Thanks for pointing this out - I've replicated the exact same behaviour tonight. 

I'll discuss with our engineering team, and clearly it's not only inconsistent with the other dates, but contrary to whats shown in the openapi spec as you say. 

I suspect a bug, and will treat as such - I'll update you once I have more.



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