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Which REST API to use?


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We are currently developing bespoke software for our client.
One of the requirements is to sync some staff data from Sage into our software. Our client is using "Sage 50cloud payroll. Version number 27.03.211."

Looking at the developer portal I am confused about exactly which API will allow us to access this.  Please advise.

Many thanks!

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Hi Tom,

Hope you are well.

Integration with Sage 50cloud Payroll can be done via the SDK, but this does require a subscription to the Sage Developers Programme.

The Payroll SDK delivers an object-based interface with methods and properties designed to simplify communications between compliant development tools and the Sage 50cloud Payroll database. The developers programme provides help files that document every available object including their methods and properties. The help files also provide an extensive collection of code samples in both Visual Basic .Net and C# .NET.


Using the SDK, it would be possible to read and write information from/into the following areas of Sage 50cloud Payroll:

                      Employee records (including YTD’s, payments, deductions, absence, QDP patterns and pension schemes)

                      Company pay elements (payments and deductions)

                      Company cost centres and departments

                      Company pensions schemes

                      Timesheet entries

If you are interested in the SDK please contact our ISV enablement team who will be in touch with further information.


Kind Regards,

James Conway
Developer Services Technician


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Hi Tom,

Currently there isn't a REST API available for Sage 50cloud Accounts provided by Sage, but we do have partners and other third parties that provide a middleware connector, installed where the Sage 50 data is stored, and provide an API for clients to consume. Whilst I cannot recommend one over another, if you google "API for Sage 50" there are at least two on the first page.

Hope that helps!



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