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Building Multi-level sub assemblies


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Can Sage please add the ability to build sub assemblies that go 3, 4 or 5 levels deep (recursively build sub-assemblies).


For example, if I have an assembly numbered 5000.

5000 includes a sub assembly called 4000.

4000 is an assembly, and contains subassembly 3000.

3000 is an assembly and contains a dozen stock items.


It would be nice if the Build or Work Ticket function could build assembly 3000 first, then build 4000 assembly (which includes the 3000 assembly), and then finally build the 5000 assembly (of which the 4000 is a subassembly) when you build the "top level" 5000 assembly.


An alternative would be for the Build window to show all sub assemblies and their bills of materials (in a tree form, perhaps) so that you can see what stock items and sub-assemblies are contained within a top-level assembly.

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