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Sage People - Get Absence Balances response clarifcation


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  "data": [
      "id": "a2G7E000000LlIDUA0",
      "employeeId": "a2G7E000000LlIDUA5",
      "reason": "Planned Vacation",
      "units": "days",
      "calculatedDate": "2017-07-21T17:32:28Z",
      "periodName": "2020",
      "periodEndBalance": {
        "accrued": 15,
        "timeOffInLieu": 1.5,
        "carryOver": 0
      "additionalFields": [
          "name": "Custom Field",
          "value": 24,
          "source": "SomeCustomField__c"
  "version": "4.8"


I'm currently working on a project which requires us to display an employees Holiday balance for the year. I don't have access to the API yet but I have been reviewing the API available for Sage People.

The JSON above is the example from the API reference. I was wondering if someone could explain what the following fields are.

  • reason (why would an absence balance have a reason, can a user have more than one absence balance?)
  • calculatedDate (does this change if there is a change to the periodEndBalance?)
  • periodEndBalance.accrued (What is this value, how is it calculated)

What I'm really after is the total number of holiday days an employee can have each year so that I can display Days taken, Days booked and Days left.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.




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