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Intacct API request to determine the invoices a payment was applied to


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My company allows orders to be shipped without the full payment being collected, but we retain the amount owed in an order management system. The finance department manually enters all received payments for amounts owed. Out of 10,000 orders fully paid for, they may have to enter 12 payments manually, then apply those to order invoices.

I need a way to retrieve the 12 manual payments and the order invoices they were applied to, then supply that back to the order management system to clear out the balance owed by the customer for the order.

On the web UI, it's as easy as going into the "Posted Payment" and selecting the "Invoices" tab:



But there's no data for the two API requests I'm making, "List AR Payments (Legacy)" and "List Invoices (Legacy)," that would allow me to programmatically resolve a payment to the invoice it was applied to. I had an end user demonstrate their process, and the record keys between payments and invoices did not match.

Is it possible to access this data through the API? Do I need to configure something special in a template to make this data viewable? The correlation exists in Sage as evidenced by the screenshot, just hoping it's available via API. Thanks in advance.

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