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Currently I have to open Sage in administrator mode to be able to email invoices through Outlook.  When Sage is in administrator mode I can't drag and drop attachments.  In order to drag & drop I have to close Sage and open it regularly without administrator mode.  This is a real pain and I'm constantly having to decide between opening Sage to send invoices or opening Sage to add attachments.  Yes, I know in administrator mode I can add attachments by clicking Add and navigating to the file but a drag and drop feature here would be so much more efficient and keep us from having to constantly open and close.

Also with attachments, the invoice (or what ever screen) has to be saved first and then you have to arrow back to add the attachment.  This could be so much better in one of three ways: 1) Don't close the invoice after it is saved so an attachment can be immediately added after save, 2) Allow attachments to be added without a save being required first, 3) Add a "Save" button and a "Save and Close" button.  The Save button would allow the invoice to stay up so that then the attachment can easily be added without having to go look for what was just saved.  The "Save and Close" button would close the invoice on save so one could continue entering. 

We are working to become a paperless office and these little issues become big ones in day to day activities.

Lori Mercer

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