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Sage 50 on-prem vs Cloud


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I am not a developer but IT Director of our organization.   We have integrated Sage 50 on-prem with our custom solution to track orders.  We are running in to an issue with slowness or rather contention when the database size gets closer to 800-900MB.   The documentation shows as if there is no size limits.  I have a 1TB SSD dedicated just for the Sage/PeachTree data.   Historically we have seen the slowness when the DB size reach closer to 800MB and then we have to purge data that are two years and older.   I am seeking helping from the community to solve this problem.  

  1. Would moving to Sage 50 Cloud solve this issue?    Does Sage support all the API on the cloud version as well?
  2. Anyone recommend moving to Sage 100 or any other version of Sage to be scalable?

Any advise will be highly appreciated.


- Joju

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