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Sage 200 API validation issue


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Hi, we are getting an exception back from the API when we try and create an invoice. 


Sage.Accounting.Exceptions.Ex10013Exception: The transaction values are invalid.    at Sage.Common.Rules.ErrorMethodRuleAction.DefaultInvalidRuleAction()    at Sage.Common.Rules.RuleAction.PerformAssociatedAction(ValidRuleAction validRuleAction, InvalidRuleAction invalidRuleAction)    at Sage.Accounting.TradeLedger.TradingInstrumentValidationCoordinator.ValidGrossValue(ValidationRuleInfo validationRuleInfo)    at Sage.Accounting.TradeLedger.TradingInstrumentValidationCoordinator.ValidInstrumentValues(ValidationRuleInfo validationRuleInfo)    at Sage.Accounting.TradeLedger.TradingInstrument.ValidateInternal()    at Sage.Accounting.SalesLedger.SalesInvoiceInstrument.ValidateInternal()

This is presumably being triggered when we call salesInvoiceInstrument.Validate();.

Does anyone know what a Ex10013Exception is? On inspection, we can't see anything wrong with the values that we are passing. Thanks in anticipation!

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