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Sage HR API - Create Application with Multiple uploads


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Hi Everyone,

My apologies if this is not the right place to be asking this but I couldn't identify a better location. I've been asked to work with the Sage HR API to integrate it with a website to list job vacancies and allow applications direct from said website. However, I've been looking at the API docs (https://developer.sage.com/hr/reference/api-ref/#tag/Recruitment/paths/~1recruitment~1positions~1{id}~1applicants/get and https://sagehr.docs.apiary.io/#reference/recruitment/applicants/create-new-applicant).

I'm not sure which are the best docs to be using but both have a similar issue in that I can't see how you upload multiple documents along with the applicant creation. From what I can tell my form body should have a field called  applicant[attachment]  - however one set of documents says it should be a "string" and another says it should be "string <binary>" (No idea what that actually means to be honest)

I would love help better understanding this part of the API if possible as I've been asked to allow for the upload of a CV and a Covering letter document and I can't see how this API can handle that currently.


Thanks in advance,


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