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Retrieve products when they are created or modified


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Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new in the sage environment, but a client of that uses it need me to implement a connection between sage X3 and hubspot.

The plan is simple, when a product is created or modified in SAGE X3, i have to create a similar product in hubspot.

What are the good practice to do such a thing. I planned on using SAGE API.

Is there a way to created a Webhook or notification when an object is created or modified ? Or is there a specific endpoint where i can query every 10min or every hour SAGE to retrieve last created or updated Products ?
Same thing will have to be done for clients, invoices ...

Thank you for your help 🙂

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You can do this in following ways:

1. setup a workflow for Product object and configure it whenever product is created or modified. You will be receiving email notification whenever there is an action.

2. Using REST web services where you can do the same.

3. setup a Batch process which extracts products which are created or modified to the flat file saved in specific location and schedule it for every 10 minutes.


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Hello - I'm wondering the same thing - does Sage X3 have any webhooks that could be used for a real-time(ish) sync with other platforms? I don't see anything in the documentation. I also don't see any documentation for a REST API to get products, etc. - in case we wanted to use a pull model (query on an interval) because webhooks aren't available.

Thank you


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