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EDI flow setup with custom XSD and XML mapping


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My problem is that my country doesn't follow the OASIS Universal Business Language standard, so I need to write specific stuff to handle it.

First, I create a new class and representation to fit my need. Then I verify the representation is valid by checking Query and Details facet through Sage API, it did work very well.

Then, I create a new XML message mapping but using predefined Representation (CIUSPTUBL), upload my custom xsd, setup new XML files and flow, then go to associations.

After that, I go to message outbound generation to test it, so I confirm that my custom XSD work well too.

But the problem comes up when I switch to using my custom Representaion. The error is : @X3.TRT/EDISTO_CSTD$adx (673) Error 39 : Non-existent Label MET_AFTER_LOAD_REPRESENTATION.

Then, we check in the EDI log trace, I found that it stop intermediately at Stage 11 : Creating EDI temporary storage space : The document has already been processed: select the...

I go to the EDI temp storage and take a detail look on that process, I see that there's no Identifier for our REPCOD (first picture) and event show up like that (second picture).

There's another problem is in EDI setup -> Flow definition -> EDI XML files, whenever I click save in any record, an error show up (third picture) .

Sadly, I face another trouble when trying deleting an record in EDI setup -> Associations -> EDI partners by company, then create a new one with previous deleted company, I got this error : Transaction stopped on saving key  VN01 VIETTEL 1 in table EDICPYPARFLO (Record already exists). Then I check EDICPYPARFLO  table in database, and yes, it's not show up on web app UI but still exists database.


I guess that I need to right a specific script to make EDI function work with my representation. Can someone help me get through this?

I'm using SageX3 V12.0.31 ERP application with SQL server 2019.


Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 11-19-21 Temp storage space (Super administrator) (TEST folder).png

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 11-22-46 Temp storage space (Super administrator) (TEST folder).png

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 11-30-51 EDI XML files (Super administrator) (TEST folder).png


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