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Hi All,

I posted some weeks ago this topic on the General Discussion (Sage X3) :



Hi all,

It looks SAGE ERP is compatible only with Non-CDB Oracle DB.

So this will create problems if we would adopt DBCS as SAGE ERP DB, correct?

Any similar experience on SAGE to share?

Is there any workaround you can suggest in order to make connection to PDB compatible with SAGE?

If we install Sage X3 V12 (online-help.sageerpx3.com/.../prerequisites_overview.html) on DBCS v12,19 with CDB/PDB, it will create problems?




I got officially this answer:  



As of current, Sage X3 is not compatible with Oracle multitenant (Container databases (CDB) / Pluggable databases (PDB)). It is currently on the To-Do list for review. So you may see it as a possibility in a future release. If you have not visited our developer community site, it might be worth looking through and see if anyone has a possible workaround for you. you can find it here: https://developer-community.sage.com/ 


I am wondering if there is any possible workaround.


Could you please help me in case?


Thanks in Advance



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