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How to identify which Sage200 version support default supplier contact email flag?


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   How to identify which Sage 200 version support default supplier contact email flag? (Supplier -> Contacts -> E-mail -> Default flag). I would like to query the flag [PLSupplierContactValue].[IsPreferredValue] but I'm not sure which Sage 200 version that [IsPreferredValue] was introduced. How can I identify that or any documents that have information about this?

Thanks you.

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Hi Weanich, hope you are well.

Could you confirm if your query is regarding the Sage 200 SDK or API?

If its regarding the API, we have a change log tab available for all API endpoints which includes any changes made to the specific endpoint since it was exposed.
If the field in question is not mentioned in the change log then that would mean it was exposed when the endpoint was made available.

On top of this we also have a what’s new page which details any changes made to the API including when endpoints are added or enhanced.
You can find links to the relevant API what’s new pages below:

If you query is regarding the SDK, then please let me know and I can investigate this further.

Kind Regards,

James Conway

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