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Sage CRM Rest API - $type does not show GET Email or GET Phone


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We use the Rest API of Sage CRM (2022 R2). The result of a GET of an Email fails to return the type of the Email. Same for GET of Phone. The documentation shows that the response should contain attribute '$type', but in effect it is not there. We need $type to be able to identify the type of email address...

Does anyone have an idea what could go wrong here?




    "$key": 45240,
    "$title": "",
    "$url": "http://xxxxxxxxxx/sdata/crmj/sagecrm2/-/Email('45240')",
    "Emai_EmailId": 45240,
    "emai_IntForeignID": null,
    "emai_intlastsyncdate": null,
    "Emai_EmailAddress": "xxxxxxx@xxxxx",
    "emai_IntId": null,
    "emai_promote": false,
    "Company": {
        "$url": {
            "Association": "http://xxxxxxxxxx/sdata/crmj/sagecrm2/-/Email('45240')/Company?startindex=1&count=10"
    "Account": {
        "$url": {
            "Association": "http://xxxxxxxxxx/sdata/crmj/sagecrm2/-/Email('45240')/Account?startindex=1&count=10"
    "Person": {
        "$url": {
            "Association": "http://xxxxxxxxxx/sdata/crmj/sagecrm2/-/Email('45240')/Person?startindex=1&count=10"

Response example in documentation:

  "emai_IntForeignID": "string",
  "emai_intlastsyncdate": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "Emai_Deleted": 0,
  "Emai_EmailAddress": "string",
  "Emai_EmailId": 0,
  "emai_IntId": 0,
  "emai_promote": true,
  "Emai_Timestamp": "2019-08-24T14:15:22Z",
  "$type": "string"


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