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Product endpoint for creating a product has purchase ledger account error


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I'm using the product endpoint to create a product in my Sage BCA account. Here is my request payload:

{'product': {'description': 'Example Product', 'sales_ledger_account_id': 'k6d41a1c29b11ea8d3c022ace18d9e2', 'purchase_ledger_account_id': 'd7fh34o1c29b11ea8d3c022aced7f78e', 'item_code': '123456', 'active': true}}

I'm getting a 422 code error with the following message:

[{'$severity': 'error', '$dataCode': 'SecureValidationError', '$message': 'Saving Non-stock failed: value of purchase_ledger_account was not allowed.', '$source': 'purchase_ledger_account'}]

The purchase ledger account ID is correct as I use the ledger endpoint to get the ID for my purchase ledger account from my account.

Any ideas why this could be happening,


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