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Project Proposal Budget Awareness


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The idea is simple yet far reaching. It is to get consumers on a path of excellence within themselves as a whole and therefore to become self-reliant.  

The idea stems from a principal of cleaner energy and "making cleaner that energy" will cause and produce clean water and no more landfills within 1 year if we can get "all involved" in the project at hand.

The concept is clean+trash+water=renewed Earth for all mankind...and for those who want to visit us.

Who wants to donate a $1 or $5 or even $10 for a new Earth wide cleaner habitat for humanity?

We will need to buy many small hearing aid or watch batteries for this Project Proposal and marketing contractor who will likely be allowed to find out what the idea entails would you be interested in a Revitalization Area in the USA?

Please let us know when you're available to discuss anything else.

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