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Sage50 Cloud Pre-release email


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I would like to confirm which email from the Sage Team confirms when a pre-release of Sage 50cloud accounts is going to be available.

There is some confusion, as our MD has found the following:


This would tend to suggest version  was available for Sage customers to upgrade to on 24th November 2022. However, the pre-release email has a link that says this version of Sage 50 Accounts would be available on 30th January 2023. Are we getting confused between release dates for Sage50cloud Accounts Sage50 accounts?

I know this sounds like pedantry, but I would like to know what should act as our trigger point for scheduling one of our developers to get the developer kit so that they can ensure our software works with Sage 50cloud Accounts version 30 when it is available.

Thank you,

Toby Aspin

Sage v29 Pre-release email.png

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