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Sage 50 Cloud SDK

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Where can I get the Sage 50 Cloud SDK for the UK. Is this effectively the same as the original Sage 50 ? ie a Windows SDO DLL ?

Having to ask this after we just completed a full integration with 'the real ' Sage Cloud Accounting!  Can the SDO API do all that the Cloud API can?

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Hi Kelvin,

Good to hear you've completed an integration with Sage Business Cloud Accounting! 

When it comes to the Sage 50cloud Accounts SDO, that has different capabilities that are relevant to features in 50cloud Accounts and shouldn't be compared to the SBCA REST API. I'd recommend contacting our UK Developer Services team on [email protected] and provide them with your use case. They will be able to clarify if the SDO is capable of what you are looking to achieve.

I hope that helps,



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