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Sage 200 SDK


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I have downloaded the full Sage 200 SDK and it has given me files at version

However if I download the beta release (I guess prior) it has the version

I am looking at Sage.Utils.dll to get this information.

Ultimately I have tried both these sets of files and cannot get the sdk to work.

I have seen '{"The type initializer for 'Sage.Accounting.Application' threw an exception."} and other errors so must be doing something basic incorrectly.

This is version 2023R2

Thanks for your help.



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I have also seen {"Logon failed due to unexpected error.\r\n\r\nPlease check if the Sage200Configuration database is configured and running.\r\n\r\n(Message was: The type initializer for 'Sage.Common.IdentityProvider.AuthenticationProvider' threw an exception.)"}

Just for information I have had this running since Sage 2017 year on year no problem. This 2023 R2 is giving me problems.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for your question - I see you've sent in a case to Developer Support so we will deal with the issue via email. 

For members of the UK Developer Programme that is still the preferred method for support. 




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Hi Colin

Did you activate the SDK,
I am having an issue with the 2023 R2 also but related to activation.
When I open the SDBX Packager, I am asked to register the software which is something I have never had to do before with the SDK.
However, when entering the Serial Number supplied by BP Services I get the following error:

Phil Walker

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This reply is for Colin.

I had this little issue earlier this year and for me it was caused by not setting the company number when I connected to the application.

This scenario was explained in the SDK under the heading 'Connecting to Sage'.

I hope this helps.

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