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Are Automatic|Semi Automatic Customer Record changes possible?


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Not familiar with Sage.  As a data analyst, been asked to determine if it is possible to simplify some operations with a small not-for-profit mostly volunteer organization using Sage 50 (CA version)

Specifically, all 'Customer' Data is stored in MS Access ... while I found NEW Customers can be imported into Sage using a CSV file, making any CHANGES; Name, Address, Contact, etc. , PER a Sage Forum thread  any attempt to upload a CSV with similar information will either cause a new Customer Record OR be ignored because the record exists ...  Managing 1000 records becomes very tedious  with MANUALLY having to update more than one Database with the same information (this double entry effort also opens the doors to errors) 

Software with data interfaces usually provides a means of Adding|Changing|Deleting information by either using a prefix field OR using a different import function

Found some mention that Sage uses SQL as its DB ... attempted opening some files within the sagedata folder but sqlite doesn't recognize any of these files as DB files.

Did a deep dive on files within the CAB file and found that the customer data is stored in file ibdata1  (no extension) but again sqlite doesn't recognize this file as a  DB file.

Looking at the Sage developer SDK documentation, also not seeing any reference to Customer Record read|write ... appears the SDK provides a way to access raw data primarily for custom Reporting

Have I missed something or is this simple task just not possible in Sage 50?



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Found some answers but still need to solve an ODBC connection issue to allow for updating a customer record.

- Sage 50 "IS" using MySQL ... BUT ... needs to be accessed via an ODBC connection per this documented solution


- Would expect that linking to a table (WITH CAUTION) should allow a record update

  Tables tcustomr & tcusudf  appear to contain the Customer Record Fields of interest

- Copying tables would certainly allow for custom reporting

MSACCESS crashes after approximately 2 minutes when Linking tables and requires deleting and relinking any tables of interest again ... NOT SURE why this is happening ... MSACCESS 2021 32bit with SAGE 50 Pro 2023 using MySQL ODBC 

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