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  1. @Louis Sterio2 Thanks for updating. Current rest api does not support "Get account balances by dimension". Can your team add a new parameter to make result data group by journal? I will provide expected response with xml format. Sometimes we only need balance data, if we can get the balance group by journal we don't need query GL entry and summary it. Because some companies' gl data is really big, we need make a lot API calls to get all needed gl entry data.
  2. Is it possible to include object display name, field label and field size for API "Get an object model definition"?
  3. Is it possible to make API 'get-account-balances-by-dimensions' return result split by journal or group by journal with some additional parameters?
  4. Create a simple nodejs web site and try to get auth code and token (reference sample codes), but it always get error 'The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match'. Below is the detail error message: {"error":{"code":"invalidRequest","message":"The redirect URI provided is missing or does not match","errorId":"REST-1224","additionalInfo":{"messageId":"IA.THE_REDIRECT_URI_PROVIDED_IS_MISSING_OR_DOES_NOT_MATCH","placeholders":{},"propertySet":{}},"supportId":"EYKHTWEB032%7EZeffuP5j0or4SM7-iKrOrAAAAAw"}}
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