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Update Common Table via REST API PUT


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Hi there , 

I'm using Sage X3 REST API for CRUD.

I'm using table Currency on Common data.

I'm able to do a GET via query and would now implement a PUT function.

But I'm having some trouble when updating.

My query as follow : 


I've done a PUT and keep getting "Mandatory field". I've checked this https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagex3/2023/04/01/technical-how-to-perform-crud-operations-using-classes-and-representations-in-sage-x3-v12/ and no Mandatory setting is created.

My question is :

1. Does common data can't be updated if so how do I check?

2. If it can be updated is there something wrong with my query ? 

Appreciate any response regarding this.


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